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 Storm Riders League 2 Battle Reports 2009

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PostSubject: Storm Riders League 2 Battle Reports 2009   Storm Riders League 2 Battle Reports 2009 EmptyWed May 06, 2009 7:50 pm

Battle Report

Jon (Black Templar) vs Chris (Eldar)

The Prince and Princess of the Craftworld Talsheer peeped down from the sky for any sign of the monkiegh on this possible maiden world. They had promised the Exodites on this world that they would not let any harm come to them by any means necessary. Just so happens that the worse of all crusading monkeighs decided to visit this world. At eight o'clock the Autarch Prince spotted a foul land raider and a few transports. It was apparent that they were ready for a fight.

Turn one
The Eldar siezed the initiative and brought down a rhino and land raider before the Templars knew what hit them. A fire prism also killed one assault marine after the firing stopped. The seer princess had fortuned up and decided to crept towards the enemy. The Templars raced forward to get their hands on the Eldar.

Turn two
The Eldar killed a few terminators that had to exit the wrecked land raider and the fire prisms destroyed a whole squad of sword brotheren. Then the seer council along with the autarch prince and seer princess sprung a trap on two separate squads of assault marines. Both squads fell under the witch blade as they were forced to fall back but were cut down. The Templars made another mad dash forward to get to grips with the Eldar to avenge their brothers.

Turn three
The Gold Avenger squad exited their Serpent to fire upon the Marshal and his command squad. After twenty shots, only one marine was killed. Horrible shooting. The other Serpents fired off their twin linked (did I say twin linked) bright lance, but missed their rhino target. This left it up to the fire prisms. Out of the three fire prisms only one hit and caused the rhino to explode, finally. I just knew I would roll a two or one for vehicle damage how the rolls for this turn were going. The squad inside jumped out ready to fight and fight they must, because the seer council had surrounded their rhino. The prince led the charge as the council killed eight templars, but the rest held their ground, killing one War Rider in return. The Templars just kept running forward to crush the Eldar were they stood, the pathetic zenos refused to exit their transports.

Turn four
The Eldar take out the command structure of the Templars. The Marshall, Chaplain, and Emperors Champion all go down to fire prism fire with the rest of the Templars wondering who would take command. A brave sergeant at the command post of the Templars takes command. He gives the order to retrograde and link up with Imperial forces just south of their command post if they can be found. He shakes his head in anger and curses the birth of the Eldar. He then slips into a heavy fog and sneaks from the sights of the Eldar into the brush to continue their fight another day.

The Prince and Princess ride upon the command post of the Templars and find it vacant. The Templars have slipped their trap and would not meet their end today. The Templars prove to be a wise and hard foe who escape despite the perfect plans of the Eldar.

They have command of the Templar's post and their own, which have won them the day, but not the war. They send forces forward and discover that the threat is not yet over for this Maiden World. A company of Sisters of Battle have been spotted approaching the Black Templar Command Post from a southwest vector. The Prince gives the order to set another trap for these vile monkeighettes invaders who have come to defile their Maiden World. They intend to assassinate the commander of these forces, Inquisitor Lord Jack, and maybe the entire Imperium Forces will retreat from the sacred Eldar territory if his head is taken off.

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PostSubject: Re: Storm Riders League 2 Battle Reports 2009   Storm Riders League 2 Battle Reports 2009 EmptyThu May 07, 2009 7:42 am

Nice Bat. Rep. Chris! I'm glad you were able to finally link up with Jon.
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Storm Riders League 2 Battle Reports 2009
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