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 Space Hulk?

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PostSubject: Space Hulk?   Mon May 11, 2009 9:38 pm

I am so excited to hear that Space Hulk might come back. I remember the days when I was a kid watching my older half brother play this game. At the time the movie Aliens 2 was out and I was afraid of the dark when I went to bed after seeing that movie. Laughing The thing I realy liked about space hulk was the indepth gaming going down corridors, opening doors to rooms and seeing random cards being pulled for results to doors being opened. Like if the room was over pressurized the door would explode killing anyone who stood in the path of the door down the corridor. I also like the drones that they send in first with the space marines in the back watching there sectors of fire. I remember that some models where made out of resin and metal. I liked putting the corridors and rooms together like it was a maze. I never realy got to play this game but it was fun watching before I played 40k.
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PostSubject: Re: Space Hulk?   Sat May 23, 2009 7:53 am

Ya, Space Hulk looks like a lot of fun. I would always see it when at the store when I played 40k many years ago, but never did pick it up for some reason. When it comes out this time, I'll be picking it up for sure. Smile
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Space Hulk?
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