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 Tantrum Prime: Purging of the Manufactorium of Hate!

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Tantrum Prime: Purging of the Manufactorium of Hate! Empty
PostSubject: Tantrum Prime: Purging of the Manufactorium of Hate!   Tantrum Prime: Purging of the Manufactorium of Hate! EmptyWed May 27, 2009 10:31 pm

Basic Game Info:
The Game: Kog The Mighty Manglers' WAAAGH!!! vs Saint Arabellas' Commandery of the Order of the Ebon Flame.
The Mission: Assassination
Deployment: Table quarters

Before the Battle:
I won the deployment, picking to keep the hilltop as a separating area between our armies, providing cover to me, and hopefully to gain the advantage against his transports by either forcing a dangerous terrain role, or having to spend the time running around. Deployment was rather simple, everyone as close as possible, and hoping for the best.

The Battle:
Turn 1:
Assuming that she had the advantage on her hands, Arabella, as well as Inquisitor Tyrus Oriel, of the Ordo Sicarius, agreed that it was best to race forth towards the Xenos and purge them with the cleansing fires of the Emperor's wrath.
But, to their complete surprise it seemed underestimated Kogs "Kunnin' Plans" was an unfortunate plan, for immediately after entering the battlefield, prepared to advanced, the Xenos scum seized the initiative and the Lootas rained fire against our Penitent Engines, that High Priest Jonahs donated to our cause, causing a devastating blow knocking two of them out. The remaining Boyz fired their primitive "Big Shootas" and barely scratched against our Rhinos plating.
Enraged, but still confident in her forces, Arabella ordered an advance, letting the Sisters led by Sister Superior Edina take the small ruins, and leading Sister Superior Patricia's unit to move into the small forest to the north. Inquisitor Tyrus stayed watchful, keeping tabs on his loyal Eversor, who was keeping hidden, waiting for the tiem to strike.

Turn 2:
As their advanced was nearly completed, the Xenos retaliated but this time with less luck, merely giving our Rhinos a fair shake around. Kog's personal wagon and Nobs drove up slowly out of sight.

Having fought Orkz before, Inquisitor Tyrus devised that Kog could not resist to get into the battle himself and would have his Wagon near by, waiting to strike.
Assuming that Kog would be just at the hill by now, Arabella commanded both Rhino squadrens to advance, to scout for the oncoming orkz, and burn all in their way.
Just as the corner was turned, there it was, the giant Battlewagon, which dwarfed the trukk behind it and the oncoming Rhino. Meltagun ready, she ordered to deploy, and to fire upon the wagon. The hot jet of energy from the Meltagun just skims against the side, barely missing the wagon. Saddened by the news, Arabella's remaining forces advanced forward, moving behind the rhinos and deeper into the trees.

Turn 3:

The Mighty Mangler, Kog, virtually ignoring Helena's squadron rushes onto, and over the hill, Jumping out of the massive wagon. He bellows out a mighty Waaagh! leading his Nobz closer to Arabella and her unit. Kog's personal Big Mek, shouted to the boys in the building "Fire! Dakka Dakka Dakka!", hitting and wounding several of Helena's squad. The Inevitable battle ensued, praying for the Emperor's light to bless them on this day, the Orkz charged into combat. Kog going into a rampage for blood charged into the battle sisters, and his Nobz followed suit. Choppas met the blessed mighty of the Emperors finest Power Armor, shielding some from the Furious Charge of the Orkz. Arabella drew her Orders most Blessed Weapon and slew a Nob outright, whilst her sisters valiantly struck back, but the large and brutish Nobz were tougher than they seemed. Reciting the Hymns and Prayers of the her sisters stayed in the fight, trying to fight back their foes.

Knowing it was the time to strike, Tyrus ordered the Assassin to strike, charging at the Nobz. As the surrounding squads ran to aid Arabella against the brutish greenskins, Helena took her time for revenge against the Orkz. Knowing how precious his wagon was to him, she charged at the Wagon, letting go another volley of fire at its rear, but their prayers were overlooked, for the wagon still stood intact. In the furious melee that was the Greenskin Bosses charge, nearly the entire force charged into them to protect their Saint. The Eversor, let lose a volley of blows against the Nobz, merely wounding one, due to the Painboyz drugs protecting them from the trauma of the Neural Gauntlet. With another set of attacks Arabella fells two Orkz, with Sister Superior Edina's unit guided by the Righteous Fury of High Priest Jonahs to purge the Xenos. The inevitable outcome was obvious, the Sisters beat back the Orkz, who promptly were ran down by the sisters, the Eversor getting the head of Warboss Kog! With their Warboss fallen, the Big Mek ordered a retreat and the battle was ours. The Factory has been seized for the side of the Imperium, and all traces of the Ork scum have been eliminated, it seems the small areas they started to settle were barely used at all

Seriosuly though, two melta gun hits, both 1s Sad

Good game though, but I don't really like assassinate, the mission would of been much more fun if it was an all out blood-bath, most of our units were unharmed Laughing
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Tantrum Prime: Purging of the Manufactorium of Hate! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Tantrum Prime: Purging of the Manufactorium of Hate!   Tantrum Prime: Purging of the Manufactorium of Hate! EmptyThu May 28, 2009 10:14 pm

The Imperium rewards the just, and your convent has been rightly chosen by Him.

For your efforts, you gain an extra 150 Experience points that you may spend to your army.

For the Emperor!
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Tantrum Prime: Purging of the Manufactorium of Hate!
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