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 The Scarring of Brutus the Beloved!

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The Scarring of Brutus the Beloved! Empty
PostSubject: The Scarring of Brutus the Beloved!   The Scarring of Brutus the Beloved! EmptyThu May 28, 2009 10:12 pm

We had come here hunting for Eldar. We were told that the enigmatic dogs were sighted in the area of the Space Port, but alas, we were deceived!

Our convoy was ambushed by the General that led the forces of the Corpse Emperor, stationed atop one of the terminals, a wretched dreadnought found it's mark into Lasik's Rhino. Blowing the Squad out of its transport. A roar of engines revealed the rest of the enemy as they quickly closed in on the beacons. One located near the base of the control tower, another not far from a copse of trees. Pushing their center was a Land Raider Crusader, concealing itself within smoke.

It was at this time that the Twins chose to reveal themselves, opening fire on the concealed Land Raider, their hands turning into devastating lascannons, alas, unable to find a mark in the haze of smoke. Brutus himself, rose to meet the challenge of the opposing Land Raider by sending his forwards and engaging the smoke launchers. It was at this time as well that Hjarkus, the Contorted, gave in to his base desires, loosing control of himself. The Dreadnought went into a bellowing rage behind a building, lashing out at Lasik's squad as it took up position in the level above Hjarkus.

Brutus, then commanded Joren the Chosen to engage the bikes that had taken up position to hold the objective in the trees, concealing the Rhino in a puff of smoke as well. While the Predator, swung around to lend fire support from the left flank.

Alas the enemy was too fast for us, as Joren and his squad were burnt out of their vehicle, subsequently charged. They did not fare so well in combat either and for their weakness, were run down in the field of battle.

From out of nowhere, a lascannon ripped through the hull of our rhino, forcing Brutus and his retinue of Terminators to disembark, a torrent of fire power was unloaded upon them, the fools hoped to bring me down in shooting? They failed miserably, then the bike squad presumed to charge Brutus. Brutus called forth the Daemon bound in his weapon, (rolled a 6), aided by this unholy strength, he ripped apart the bikers, only leaving the power fist sgt left. The sgt swung wild, a swing that Brutus easily ducked, but the returning backhand caught Brutus square on. "MAD HAX!" screamed the Sgt, as Brutus stood, unscathed, the air shimmering around him, the powers of the warp making a mockery of the killing blow that the sgt could have dealt.

Iax, thought it would be the best time to attempt to seize the objective near the base of the control tower, and disembarked from his Rhino, leading his unit of Noise marines towards it. Along the way, they peppered the Sternguard on thier right flank, downing a few of the Loyalists. Meanwhile Hjarkus lost it again, but with nothing in sight, he shot at the walls surrounding him. Lasik, too spied the disembarked Sternguard, and let into them with their Sonic Blasters, culling more of the loyalists, but they stood their ground from the harsh firepower. The Twins again repeated their shots to the Land Raider Crusader, this time blowing away the Assault cannons. This time Brutus finished off the Sgt for his insolence, looking around he made a break towards the building where Hjarkul stood in, barely making in there.

Seizing a rare opportunity, the Imperial commander ordered just about everything to fire into Brutu's position. Time slowed as lascannon, krak missiles, melta and multi melta fire ripped into Brutus' position, by the grace of Slaanesh, he ducked, and dodge every shot aimed at him, then an enterprising Sternguard caught Brutus mid stride and was able to pop a coule of lucky shots into the Beloved's back, sending him down sprawling.

At the sight of the Beloved's fall, the army retreated, nursing it's wounds, vowing vengeance.
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The Scarring of Brutus the Beloved!
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