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 Apoc Game Friday 26 June 09

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For Dorn!

For Dorn!

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Apoc Game Friday 26 June 09 Empty
PostSubject: Apoc Game Friday 26 June 09   Apoc Game Friday 26 June 09 EmptyMon Jun 22, 2009 6:28 pm

Apocalypse! Friday June 26ND!

Looking for more players that wish to play a small Apocalypse game this coming Friday (26 June 09).

Location: Games Workshop, Sugarland.

Number of Players: 3 to 4 players per side.

Point Limit: 2,000 per player.

Set up time: 12:00pm.

Start time: 1:00pm.

Turns limit: 30 to 45mins (What do you all think would be a good time limit?)

Table setup: Two tables, T-Shape.

Pick your most senior player per side. His job is to keep your team playing efficiently. Not only does the team captain carry out grand strategy with his team, he is also there to:
-Let the individual players focus on their parts of the table, instead of having to worry about big-picture stuff (they can if they want to)
-He is available to roll for anything on his team if no-one is around to watch or take care of something.
-He mans the clock (bring an egg timer if you need to) and keeps the turn phases moving for his side.

Keep the table clean. If any non-warmachine is destroyed, it gets pulled from the table. Apocalypse games are notorious for getting all jammed up at critical areas of mass carnage, and becoming parking lots of dead models that make the board very difficult to play on. Just get the dead vehicles out of there.

To many Strategic Assets will ruin the game and tick off most of your players. Assume both teams have none, then have the team captains both select a small number per team that they both agree on. These should not be secret, and need to be agreed on by both sides, as the Strategic Assets pool is not balanced.

Assign team-members parts of the board to roll for. First priority always goes to a model's owner of course, but if he is busy, rolling elsewhere, in the bathroom, or anything else, have a player assigned to that board section who can roll quickly for anything required.

Enforce the reserve rules. If stuff is not on the table by the start of turn 3, its DEAD. Players arriving late and just throwing things onto an Apocalypse table late game will destroy the flow of the game and often give their side a decisive late-game advantage. Don't let this happen to your game.

Remember that Apocalypse is about FUN and telling a great story. About half of all games will end in ties, so don't get bent out of shape and just relax. The most important skill in running Apoc games is to KEEP THE GAME MOVING. The biggest time killers are slow setup (use the time bidding system and stick to it), and folks milling around towards the end of each phase (team captains need to enforce time limits per phase).


Team 1.
  1. David: Eldar
  2. Alan: SM
  3. Tory: IG, SM
  4. Empty

Team 2.
  1. Angello: Nidz
  2. Russ: Orks
  3. Andrew: Orks
  4. Empty

See Angry Marines Photos for pics of the game.

If anybody is interested, either post it here, pm me, or let me know at the store prior to Friday.

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Apoc Game Friday 26 June 09 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Apoc Game Friday 26 June 09   Apoc Game Friday 26 June 09 EmptyMon Jun 22, 2009 6:42 pm

im down
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Apoc Game Friday 26 June 09
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