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 Great store for those who have military IDs

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Great store for those who have military IDs Empty
PostSubject: Great store for those who have military IDs   Great store for those who have military IDs EmptyMon Oct 12, 2009 2:52 pm

Ok so I was on a vacation this weekend (Columbus Weekend) and I was in San Antonio. I was looking to buy the Apocalypse book from a GW store while I was there but when I looked up a store there wasnt a single one in San Antonio. So I went to a store that sold their stuff. The place I went to was called Alien Worlds. GREAT place with a selection of GW items, comics, and etc. Now here's the interesting thing: San Antonio has an army base there called Fort Sam Houston. Because of that it's practically a requirement for the stores near it to have Military Discount (10% off). Alien Worlds just happens to be in the zoning area for the discount to actually work! Instead of having to pay $50 for a Brand new Apoc. Book all I had to pay was $48.67 (after taxes)! So if you happen to have a military ID and your in that area of Ft Sam Houston definately look this place up!

Alien Worlds
6900 San Pedro Avenue
Suite 121
San Antonio
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Great store for those who have military IDs
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