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 Dark Eldar

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PostSubject: Dark Eldar   Sat Oct 17, 2009 7:38 pm

My new dark eldar list

Archon w/ Agoniser, Pistol, Plasma Grenades, Combat Drugs, Shadow Field (420)
+ 4 Incubi w/ Plasma Grenades, 2 Blasters
+ 5 Warriors w/ 2 DL
+ Raider w/ DL, Nightshields

4 x
5 Warriors w/ DL, Blaster
+ Raider w/ DL, Nightshields

7 Wyches w/ Wych Weapons, 2 Blasters, Plasma Grenades
+ Succubus w/ Agoniser, Pistol
+ Raider w/ DL, Nightshields

Ravager w/ 3 Disintegrators, Nightshelds

Total: 2000 pts

11 Skimmers

14 Dark Lances
12 Blasters
9 Disintegrators
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Dark Eldar
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