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 Angello's Crew (David, Colby, Mike, Russel, Jeff etc.)

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PostSubject: Angello's Crew (David, Colby, Mike, Russel, Jeff etc.)   Thu Nov 12, 2009 6:24 pm

If we cannot find another suitable location to play our Dark Heresy games we can utilize my newly reorganized garage to play (folding tables and chairs)

I live in New Territory about 10-12 minutes from the store based on traffic/lights.

Food / Drink policy is bring snacks or money to order in, and BYOB. Please also take all your trash with you when you go, including bottle caps(or I can provide a trash bag specifically for our game nights). Limit your drink consumption so you can drive home legally. We will be able to use the kitchen and the bathroom is the first room inside the house from the garage.

Drinks stay outside as I am not allowed to drink in the house. We can keep the garage door up or down depending on weather conditions and the room is reasonably well lit (so reading should not be difficult).

It is not however insulated so as the year progresses it will get colder in there.

If anyone else has a closer or better location we can use please let us know. I even propose testing out playing at my house this week to see how people like it and if the travel distance is reasonable for the players / GM.

David Light --- PM me for Games
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PostSubject: Re: Angello's Crew (David, Colby, Mike, Russel, Jeff etc.)   Thu Nov 12, 2009 9:23 pm

As I posted in the other thread, if we're going to use a garage, it might as well be the one at my house. It's a 3-car with a single car in it and a bunch of extra furniture. Plus it's insulated and my household has no special rules against drinking (as long as you're safe enough when we're done that you can legally drive home). That and any gameplay that takes place before 9pm can likely be done inside in the gameroom upstairs. Depending on the weather we also have plenty of seating upstairs on our backyard balcony or even in the backyard around the pool.
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Angello's Crew (David, Colby, Mike, Russel, Jeff etc.)
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