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 BoLSCON 2010 - For Real This Time

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PostSubject: BoLSCON 2010 - For Real This Time   Wed Dec 16, 2009 11:20 am

Okay, as much as I'm still thinking of bringing my "goofy" role-play based IG army to BoLSCON in 2010, here is a more reasonable alternative that I'm seriously considering. I need to iron out what I'm going to play soon so that I can have it fully 100% painted (like really NICELY painted) and a display board made in time. So real comments and suggestions are appreciated.

-= HQ =-

205 Company Command Squad w/ Plasma Pistol + Power Weapon + Medic + Plasma Gun x3 + Astropath + Fleet Officer

55 Chimera Transport w/ Multilaser + Hull Heavy Flamer

60 Priest w/ Eviscerator + Shotgun

119 Inquisitor Lord w/ Power Sword + Bolt Pistol + Psychic Hood + Emperor's Tarot + Frag Grenades + Krak Grenades + Sacred Incense + Purity Seals + Word of the Emperor

81 Retinue:
- Warrior w/ Flamer + Frag/Krak Grenades x3
- Mystic w/ Laspistol + CCW x2
- Acolyte w/ Laspistol + CCW + Frag Grenades x2
- Familiar w/ CCW

-= Elites =-

110 Vindicare Assassin

65 Guardsman Marbo

-= Troops =-

45 Platoon Command Squadw/ Flamer x3

65 Chimera Transport w/ Multilaser + Hull Heavy Flamer + Dozer Blade

65 Infantry Squad w/ Grenade Launcher + Autocannon Team

65 Chimera Transport w/ Hull Heavy Flamer + Multilaser + Pintle Heavy Stubber

65 Infantry Squad w/ Grenade Launcher + Autocannon Team

65 Chimera Transport w/ Hull Heavy Flamer + Multilaser + Pintle Heavy Stubber

115 Veterans w/ Plasma Gun x3

55 Chimera Transport w/ Multilaser + Hull Heavy Flamer

145 Veterans w/ Shotguns + Powerfist + Meltagun x3 + Demolitions

-= Fast Attack =-

130 Valkyrie w/ Multilaser + Multiple Rockit Pods

130 Valkyrie Vendetta w/ Twin-Linked Lascannon x3

-= Heavy Support =-

180 Demolisher Tank w/ Hull Lascannon

180 Demolisher Tank w/ Hull Lascannon

Point Total: 2000

Some thoughts:

- I've gone too long without some sort of counter-assault unit in my army. The Inquisitor/Retinue are joined by the Priest to help clear out the nasties that will inevitably make it into assault with me. In particular I'm thinking of the new Nids here. The Inq has a number of tools to help with this including Word of the Emperor and Purity Seals. One is a psychic power that forces any unit wishing to assault him to first pass a Leadership test. Notice that's Leadership with a capital L, meaning that even Fearless units must first pass the test since they only automatically pass Morale and Pinning. I know most nasty CC units typically have high leadership, but not all do (reduced Ork units, gaunts, Space Wolves w/ no leader, etc). The Purity Seals help when I need to "tactically retreat" my Inq and Retinue. Since he can choose to pass or fail any Leadership test, anyone foolish enough to shoot up my Inq before assault will see him merrily "failing" his Leadership and running away to the tune of 3D6 inches (dropping the lowest dice). Not everyone will fall for it, but for 5 points it's totally worth for those that will. Also, Sacred Incense = -1I for all Chaos models in the same assault as the Inq/Retinue. I don't normally have trouble with CSM/Daemons, but just in case I need to mix it up with them, I can at least know I'll be getting all of my attacks in. Priest hangs out with Retinue to provide re-rolls on the charge to max-out the units charging power.

- The Inquisitor also has an unlimited range Psychic Hood. The merits of this are apparent, especially given the new Space Wolves and Nids codices.

- The Inquisitor also-also has an Emperor's Tarot. I've learned that whether I go first or second can make a HUGE impact on how easy it is for me to win a mission. This helps turn the odds in my favor a little more (at least most of the time).

- The Vindicare Assassin is in there for two reason. A) I LOVE the model/concept. B) More and more, special rules and unit abilities are getting tied to characters, sergeants, or war gear. Being able to take out key models (and the gear they're holding) could end up being a turn-key moment of any game. The Space Wolves codex in particular is chock-full of tasty Vindicare targets including MotW Bearers, Rune Priests, Wolf Standard Bearers, and Wolfguard Squad Leaders.

- Marbo is Marbo is Marbo. I can't ever imagine bringing an army that DOESN'T contain this guy. He's great. You all know this to be true.

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PostSubject: Re: BoLSCON 2010 - For Real This Time   Sat Dec 19, 2009 2:00 pm

Love the list. I think its really strong and love the use of the assasin and inquister. Lots of distraction. I was really impressed with the way you played your 1500pt list. This 2000pt list just covers more bases
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BoLSCON 2010 - For Real This Time
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