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 J @ Asgard Games Tourney - PICS!

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PostSubject: J @ Asgard Games Tourney - PICS!   Sat Jan 09, 2010 1:28 pm

I know this is a bit late, but here are the pics from the Asgard tourney along with some play by plays. I took pics as often as I could remember to. Here are pics of the three rounds.

Game 1: Space Wolves Vs Space Wolves

An objective marker will be placed on the center of the board. Two other objective markers will be placed along the center of the board, 12" away from the center marker. At the beginning of each turn, a player controlling a marker will gain 1 objective point. The first player to reach 6 objective points wins the game. In the even of a draw, KP's will be used to determine winner.

My list:

Wolf Lord , T Hammer, SS, Wolf Tooth Talisman,Wold Tail Necklace, Runic Armor, Saga of the Beastslayer
Rune Priest, CoTS, Terminator Armor, Living Lightning, Tempest's Wrath
Rune Priest , JoTWW, Storm Caller

5 Scouts, Melta Gun
Lone Wolf ,T Armor, SS, Chain Fist,1 wolf

9 GH, Melta, MoW, Rhino
9 GH, Melta, MoW, Rhino
10 GH, Flamer, Melta, PW, MoW, Rhino
10 GH, PG1, PG2, MoW, Rhino



Opponent's List:

Wolf Lord,2x claws, Jump packs, Runic Armor, Belt of Russ
Rune Priest, Bike, Rune Master
Rune Priest, Runic Armor

3 Wolf Guard, 3 x PW's, 3 X Combi weapons

5 Wolf Scouts, Melta, MoW

10 Grey Hunters, PW, Flamer, Melta
10 Grey Hunters, PW, Flamer, Melta

5 Skyclaws, PW



The Highlights:

Turn 1:
I took top of the turn. I ended up immobilizing the LRC on the far right. It contained the Rune priest, 10 Grey Hunters and a WG. Deployed beside it were the skyclaws and Jump lord. After my first round of shooting, they were reduced to 3 models.

Bottom of Turn 2:
My opponent is able to immobilize the blue vindicator, and unloads Ragnar and crew to charge the lone wolf.

He rolls a 1 for consolidation and attempts to spread out.
I promptly tank shock after unloading the black rhino to bunch up his guys:

Ragnar and crew finds themselves in this predicament:

Which through thorough shooting ends up like this:

Ragnar pinned with 1 wound left. My opponent went to ground to gain cover saves from 2 vindicators, 1 Typhoon, the 10 man GH squad with 2 plasma guns, and my Wolf Lord's GH squad incoming.

In Turn 4 I blow off the assault cannon off the LRC, after taking a few hits from it on the Lord's squad:

I also ended up obliterating the right flank of any more SW presence with combined fire power of Long Fangs, 2 more GH squads and more support fire from the other Typhoon.

All he has left are 2 LRC's.

OOPS! spoke too soon, his wolf scouts appear

They obliterate a Rhino, but end up gaining the ire of my army:

Round 2 !!

I dont remember the list exactly, but it was an SM drop pod list.
This time, the mission was king of the hill, sort of. There is one objective on the center of the board. All terrain 6" around it, is considered difficult. A player that controls the objective gains 1 objective point, the first to three wins. KP's in case of a draw.

Due to the mission, I could ill afford to play using regular anti-drop pod tactics (IE start in reserve) Thankfully I managed to get turn 1, but had the initiative stolen, luckily I deployed thinking I would get the Initiative stolen

End results of Game 2, win in my favor:

Round 3:

I'll comment on the highlights later, it's pretty late right now, I'll just post the pics for you enjoyment, needless to say I did win round 3, but it was a tough fight.

Round 3 found me back on the table I played on, in round 1:

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J @ Asgard Games Tourney - PICS!
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