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 Awesome painter - but ...

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PostSubject: Awesome painter - but ...   Sun Feb 14, 2010 7:56 pm

Might get punched in the face!

But awesome painting none the less

Check it out though:



Master of Rites and Observances, Reichsminister Karl Fritz:

On permanent attachment from the Grey Knights, Grand Master Walther Kurtz:

Tactical Squad Frantz:

Tactical Squad Worcester:


Terminator Squad Hesser:

Venerable Brother Felix the Hunter:

Venerable Brother Heydric:

Brother Knox the Impervious:

Fast Attack

Land Speeder Vex:

Heavy Support

Predator Annihilator Malice:

Vindicator Spite:

Land Raider Fury's Consul:

Whirlwind Vengefull:


Baneblade Imperious Wrath:

Eversor Assassin:

Thunderbolt Skyshark Alpha 01: (my absolute favorite model)

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Awesome painter - but ...
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