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 The Alamo GT come to 40k!

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The Alamo GT come to 40k! Empty
PostSubject: The Alamo GT come to 40k!   The Alamo GT come to 40k! EmptyTue Feb 23, 2010 8:28 am

So this year the infamous Alamo GT is switching to 40k rather than WH Fantasy. I don't know why they're making the switch, but after the bad taste that Owlcon left in my mouth I've been thinking of registering for the Alamo.

Here's the website for details:

The problem is that the tourny is 2 (technically 3) days long, and unlike Austin where I always have someplace to stay, in San Antonio I'd have to get a room. I've already scouted out the hotels around where the tournament is being held, and the pre-Priceline rates are in the $170-$180 a night range. Like BoLSCON, the Alamo technically begins on Friday night, May 21st, with open gaming and then starts up the real tournament at 8AM on Saturday. The tournament continues on through Sunday afternoon with 5 games in all over Sat and Sun.

So rather than leaving at 4-5AM Saturday morning I think the best thing to do would just be to get a room for two nights and show up on Friday for the open gaming. That way we'd get a little more out of the $55 entry fee.

So the question is: Who else wants to try and come to the Alamo GT? If I can't get at least one other person to help split the cost of a room I probably won't be able to go myself. Sad

Also, list submission is part of the registration process, so you'll need to have your army planned out before you submit your registration. There are still 60+ spots left open so far, though.
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The Alamo GT come to 40k!
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