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 2k IG comp

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PostSubject: 2k IG comp   Wed Feb 24, 2010 10:34 pm

Just rattling around army lists.

Thinking of starting a new army.

Company Command Squad: 175
Commander: PW
Medi-pack; 3 Plasma guns; 1 melta gun
Chimera: 55
Heavy Stubber; Heavy Bolter

Marbo: 65

Infantry Platoon
Command Squad: 40
Chimera: 55
Heavy Stubber; Heavy Bolter

Infantry Squad: 60
Chimera: 55
Heavy Stubber; Heavy Bolter

Infantry Squad: 60
Chimera: 55
Heavy Stubber; Heavy Bolter

Special Weapons Squad: 85
3 x Melta guns; demolition charge

3 x Meltas; demolition charge

Banewolf squadron: 260
2 x Banewolves

Valkyrie: 130
Rocket pods

Vendetta: 130

Leman Russ Battle Tank Squadron: 330
2x LRBT's; 2x Lascannon

Leman Russ Eradicator: 200
Plasma Cannon Sponsons

Hydra Flak Tank: 75


Special weapons team rides in the Valkyrie, while the vets ride in the Vendetta.

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PostSubject: Re: 2k IG comp   Thu Feb 25, 2010 7:37 am

1) Chimeras with Heavy Stubbers cost 65 points, not 55.

2) A Command Squad can't have 4 special weapons AND a medic. Medic eats up a Veteran that could be holding a special weapon.

3) Special Weapon squads can't have three special weapons AND a Demo Charge. 3 weapons total.

4) Eradicators are useless. Don't ever bring one for any reason.

5) Battle Tanks are better suited in an anti-infantry role, leave the lascannons for Demolishers or Vanquishers.

6) Although imitation is the highest form of flattery, you could do much better than just to copy my most recent army list and then modify a few units. You're more creative than that; make your army your own! Razz
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2k IG comp
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