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 2500 Dark Elves

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PostSubject: 2500 Dark Elves   Mon Oct 18, 2010 11:38 am

Sooo, here's what I was thinking

Sea Dragon Cloak, Crimson Death, PoK, Armor of Blood, Cold One

Death Hag
Battle Standard Bearer
Banner of Strike Frist

Lvl 2
Tome of Furion

Lvl 2
Null talisman

30 Warriors
Full Command, shields

20 Warriors
Full command, Shields

10 Xbows

5 Dark Riders
Xbows, Musician

5 Dark Riders
Xbows, Musician

9 Cold One Knights
Full command
Ring of Hoeth
Banner of Armor piercing

28 Executioners
Full Command


2 Bolt Throwers
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2500 Dark Elves
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