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 Good news or meh news. Doesn't matter.

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Good news or meh news. Doesn't matter. Empty
PostSubject: Good news or meh news. Doesn't matter.   Good news or meh news. Doesn't matter. EmptySun May 29, 2011 9:48 pm

Hey guys it's Matt. I know I don't post on here often, if at all, but just thought I'd see how my old pals at Sugar Land have been doing.

Just a few things about me: Everything's going good, just got done taking SATs a few weeks ago and got my scores saturday night. 1490 overall. Now I'm taking a look for colleges, and since I'm only here in Jersey on military orders, I've decided to look back in Texas. I applied to SFA and SHSU, hopefully I get accepted to one of those, and if I do then I'll be heading back to Texas.

One other note: Because I'm going to be busy in college and if I do go back to Texas for school, would anyone like to buy my gear. I mean all of it.

If so I'll post in sales and trade when I know anything about the applications, so I'm not just blowing air out of my (butt), about all the things I have. If I don't go back to school in Texas then I won't post it.

Anyway I'd love here how you guys are doing!

-Matthew Hartman
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Good news or meh news. Doesn't matter.
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