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 40K League First Season Battle Reports

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40K League First Season Battle Reports Empty
PostSubject: 40K League First Season Battle Reports   40K League First Season Battle Reports EmptySun Feb 22, 2009 7:36 pm

Chris versus Tory (Imperial Fist versus White Scars)

It was a Dawn of War enviroment as both opposing forces rushed onto to the battlefield to find three documents that would prove which was the real Khan. One of them was a clone who had been created by a rogue scienctist of the Adeptus Mechanicus. Neither really knew, because even the clone thought he was the real Khan because every memory was intact. Twisted Evil

Turn One
Chris rushed his forces onto the battlefield and cut down a squad of marines searching a grave yard. The other half of the slain brothers aimed a krak missile back to avenge their brothers but they missed their mark.

Turn Two
Chris decided to race into the enemies deployment zone as they did not see the greater amount of the forces that had been scouted earlier. They cut down another squad of marines, leaving one man alive and knocked one land speeder. Tory responded by pulling an awesome trick of out flanking behind the forces of Chris. Khan rushed out of a landraider with a squad of his brother in terminator armor. He single handedly cut down a whole squad of bikers in assualt. The terminator sergeant smiled sarcasticly as to say, why did I even get out the land raider to play spectator to Khan's display of beat down.

Turn Three
Chris raced his forces back at the enemy forces and cut down the terminators, but Khan managed to escape the battle as both attempted to Hit and run from one another. Tory's land raider redeemer and his fire support predators managed to cut down a bucket load of bikers to Chris shock.

Turn Four thru Six
Chris retrograde towards the objectives that were now in sight. Tory's Khan who was apparently assaulted from the two previous assault phases fell out unconscious after losing an assault to a squad of bikers. Chris's Khan rushed a razor back but had to retreat from the battlefield after finding himself on the battlefield with no turns left to play.

After game summary.

I sucked like two week old eggs. This was my third time trying to play an all biker army, and I apparently have a lot to learn. I should have committed my army to taking out one target at a time, before I raced off trying to attack other things, leaving forces behind me.

Tory's tactics were more than sound, but awesome. I say congrats to him for the victory as he claimed to the only objective, but the fake cloned Khan is still not known. The rest of this story will be told later as the Khans might meet again... KHAAAAAAAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! ......... HEHEHE Very Happy

Thanks Tory also for the laughs and high fives. Sportsmanship is also critical to 40K, and you are a fun and challenging opponent.

Give me a little feedback to help a novice biker get better, hence offering more fun for you as well. Idea
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For Dorn!

For Dorn!

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40K League First Season Battle Reports Empty
PostSubject: Re: 40K League First Season Battle Reports   40K League First Season Battle Reports EmptyMon Feb 23, 2009 6:55 pm

Awesome write up.

I can not see much of anything that you did wrong in our game to give advice on improving your tactics.

The only thing I can think of is that your Predators should have destroyed my Predators to keep me from getting so many shots on your bikers. Using the one Predator of yours that got to fire in the game on the Land Raider allowed me to keep my Predators shooting on your scoring units. Land Raiders are so hard to kill, when I face one I ignore it for the most part now, unless I can get a melta weapon next to it, if so then I fire away. Smile

But other then that not much can be done for rolling 1's and 2's on armor saves.

Thanks again for the awesome game, I had a lot of fun and can't wait to go at it again and find out who the true Khan is, lol. But that might not be so hard to figure out as mine rides inside a Land Raider and yours is on a Moondrakkan.

Also, in the fiction area, I did a quick little write up of some speeder action in our game. Smile
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40K League First Season Battle Reports
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