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 Week 3 League game

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PostSubject: Week 3 League game   Tue Mar 03, 2009 10:21 pm

So Dave & I played tonight and my poor little wolves got their butts handed to them on a silver platter. If only my blood claws hadn't got spooked by that graveyard, if only I could've passed a leadership test. Oh well, can't win 'em all.

Pretty good game anyway though.


P.S. Dave I think I figured out what was wrong with your las-doodz. They got confused by the land raider whippin' brodies all over the board in front of 'em.
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PostSubject: Re: Week 3 League game   Mon Mar 09, 2009 9:40 am

My third game was against Zack's Orks.

We played dawn of war / capture and control.

Turn 1:
All of Zacks Orks came on to the field with gunz blazing. Making a lot of noise bringing the orks into a frenzy. But due to it being dusk and my Marines disciplined use of light control, no Marines where killed.

Bottom of the turn reinforcements came on to the board (rest of my army minus razorbacks). Two daka preds as the orks like to call them came on to protect my combat squad holding my base. They opened up with their auto cannons into an approaching ork deffcoptas, but failing to hit the high speed death rockets in the low light. The Land Raider came on as well as Captain Marcus Agrippa (Khan) got word of Ghazghskull being on the field of battle. The Land Raider with Captain Agrippa and assault terminators embarked charged full speed at Ghazghskull.

Turn 2:
An ork truck moved in on a combat squad of Marines with three ork bikers speeding past him at full throttle. The truck opened up with its heavy weapons spraying the combat squad with a
wall of steel. The Marines took cover, but a stray round found its mark as it went through the eye pice of a marines helmet seeing him dead before he hit the ground.
On the left flank the deffcoptas unleaded their rockets into the predator tanks rocking one of them badly but causing no damage. The ork mob behind the deffcoptas ran at full speed to get in to grips with the marines. The ork truck in the middle of the filed moved closer to the marine combat squad while moving slow enough to shoot its heavy weapon again, this time failing to hit anything but the sky. The ork bikers on the other hand slowed down to open fire on the marines killing one, then charging into them and wiping them close combat. Ghazghskull moved in to the open and unleashed on the approaching Land Raider inflicting heavy paint damage but little else.

With the arrival of the thunder fire cannon, it now being in place and ready to fire. It opened up with all the fury of the Imperium on the meanest, ugliest, deadliest mob of gretching this sector of space has ever seen. The rounds landed true destroying each and every gretching, leaving the Orks base uncontrolled.
The predators opened up destroying two of the three deffcoptas while a supporting landspeeder destroyed the last one with its multi-melta. Mid field another land speeder unleaded its fire power on the ork truck destroying its weapon, but the ramshackle held together.
The right flank saw the land raider move at full speed deploying Marcus and his terminators right in front of Ghazghskull. At the same time a razorback flanked from the right side behind the orks in their base, unloaded and unleashed hell on the orks. Captain Agrippa seized the initiative this gave him and attacked Ghazghskull in close combat. Ghazghskull took a deadly wound to the gut and lost his right foot but was unstoppable in his rage and used his powerclaw to make a storm shield wielding terminator look as if he was wearing the Imperiums finest flak armor.

Turn 3:
On the left flank a razorback had came on the previous turn behind the ork mob there getting ready to move closer to the marine base. With the arrival of this closer threat the orks turn around and fired into it as they got with in charging distance. Surrounding the transport no damage was caused by the orks that where beating on it trying to get the marines out of it. As the ork nob pushed his way through the crowed, his vision narrowed and he went into a blood rage wreaking the razorback and killing four of the marines inside, leaving only the sergeant alive.

The ork truck nobz unloaded to close with a combat squad but stood there dumfounded as the ork bikers took away all their fun.

On the right flank in the ork base, an ork mob fired then charged into the foolish marines that flanked them. All the marines where quickly chopped up.

Ghazghskull on the other had was slain by the Marine Captain.

Seeing the orks do a 180 and turning on the razorback the two predators on the left flank moved up firing their auto-cannons to full effect. The thunder fire adjusted fire to the nearby ork nobz and fired a four round salvo into them. The airburst dropped four of them leaving one alive, confused of what just happen the ork nob jumps back into the truck.

Captain Agrippa with his terminators charge into the ork mob destroying them as the land raider moved in and gave them cover fire with its flamestorm cannon.

Turn 4:
Little happened on the orks side as not much was left. Some gretchin fired at a land speeder causing no damage. The sol surviving ork nob charged the same land speeder killing the crew.
The mob on the left flank moved back towards the marine base.

Marines didn't get a turn as Zack surrendered.

At this point Zack had a few orks in a mob on the left flank, two ork bikers, and a killer can.
The Marines had a secure hold on both bases with little for Zack to do.

Over all good game Zack.

The highlight of the game would have to be giving to Zack. When he assaulted my razorback that was in the coroner of the board. Being blocked on two sides by the board and almost completely surrounded orks. His nob got a wrecked result leaving enough room for only one marine to disembark.

(some of this is a tad out of order, but its the best I could remember in my old age Smile )

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PostSubject: Re: Week 3 League game   Mon Mar 09, 2009 10:48 pm

old age, right!

Denver Reese:
Sugar Land Games Workshop 1250 Tournament: 2nd place
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PostSubject: Re: Week 3 League game   

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Week 3 League game
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