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 Angry Marines Win the Day!!!

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PostSubject: Angry Marines Win the Day!!!   Sun Mar 22, 2009 4:40 am

And won it by getting angry!! HAHA!

W H Murray wrote in The Scottish Himalayan Expedition: "Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation) there is one elementary truth, the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one's favour all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance, which no man could have dreamed would have come his way. I have learned a deep respect for one of Goethe's couplets: Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it."

For weeks I have been preaching a boldness in gameplay as the new imperative to successful 40k armies and games. Today I finally have a story and firsthand experience, complete with witnesses, to prove what I’ve been saying, and what was evident to one of Scotland’s manliest men all along.
Army List:
&Demon Prince: Slaanesh / Lash / Wings – the only kind

@Kharn the Betrayer: See also, Kharn the always correct

&Noise Marines x8, doom siren, power weapon, 7 blasters ----- Rhino

&Noise Marines x8, doom siren, power weapon, 7 blasters ----- Rhino

@Plague Marines x 8, Power Fist, 2x Plasma guns -------- Rhino

@Khorne Berserkers x9, Power Weapon, Melta Bomb, 2x Plasma Pistol – Rhino

@Khorne Berserkers x 8, Power Weapon, Melta Bomb, 1x Plasma Pistol – Rhino *(with Kharn)

&Vindicator --- Possessed

&Vindicator --- Possessed

& = Jay’s army

@= Dave’s army

I dare you to question the composition of an army with 1450~~ points in the TROOP section as being too hardcore. This becomes funny as you see most of the other teams including an allied Eldar and dark Eldar list.

But every good drama has its build up, and so without further adieu:

GAME ONE: Win Big or Settle for 3rd place.
Jay and I were matched up against the last entrant to the tournament who was mostly only playing to fill the bracket, and was allowed to play solo. This gave his army 2 advantages, A: he didn’t need 2 hq’s and 4 troops, and it was all in control of 1 person, giving him potentially more insight into what was going to happen where. He played a sisters of battle army with the standard 4xheavy bolter squad, 2xdouble flamer squads, and a bunch of allies + a couple assassins and a bombardment
The mission was 2 objective located at the center line 24” in from the side, thus being 24” from 3 board edges and 24” from each other. Points were scored for controlling an objective at the beginning of a new turn set. Ie. If at the start of turn 2, you have 1 uncontested objective, that’s 1 point. First to 5 wins, if no one gets 5, most at the end wins. I’ll show you in person is that’s too terrible an explanation.


TOP: For the “ringer” army, he did a lot correctly, and used his callidus to relocate my only important rhino into terrain, promply causing me to roll a 1 at the start of turn 1 and immobilize it. We moved all the rhinos that could move up to within 3” of the objective, and Jay moved up the vindicators doing damage to a guard squad he lashed into template formation.

Bottom: Our opponent moved a chirmera around to allow one of the flamer squads something to hide behind and shot a lot of stuff doing no damage to our smoked vehicle line or scattering way away.

Us: 2 Him:0


TOP: I left the plague marines(in rhino) on the left objective while running the Rhino with 9 zerkers up at his Leman Russ and 4x HB squad. Jay vacated the right objective expecting me reclaim it in the shooting phase with Kharn and buddies on foot having left their rhino at home last turn. I of course roll an awesome 1 on my run roll and don’t make it, but Jay rocks another guard squad with his noise marines while the demon prince lashes some stormtroopers over and charges them, scoring an EPIC 1 wound in the combat thanks to lots of 1’s, then takes one back, drawn fight.

Bottom: The callidus pops up and the deathcult assassins come in along with the orbital bombardment. 3/3 on reserve rolls. There is some contention over whether deathcult makes a single roll or one each, but we were gonna win anyway so I didn’t care, plus there were on Jay’s side of the board, haha. He mind ray’d the noise marines, killing a few, while shooting a bunch of lasguns into them, leaving them with 3 models. My zerker rhino gets blown up and they get lasgunned and heavy boltered, but 5 live on, including both plasma pistols and the sgt. The demon prince takes a 2nd wound from guardsmen who hit him on 5’s and wound on 6’s. Callidus assaults remaining 3 noise marines, killing 2, and making 4 of 4 invulnerable saves.

US: 3 HIM: 0

TOP: Jay moves his 2nd noise marine squad to support the demon prince in combat with GUARDSMEN, while I decide that Kharn should assassinate that assassin. My zerkers move into position next to the heavy bolter sisters, and my plague marines continue to enjoy the pleasure of their rhino on the objective, but rotate 90 degrees because his orbital bombardment is 4 inches away and was clipping rear armor last turn thanks to scatter. Vindicators blow something up, like in every other turn, and my plasma pistol zerkers kill a couple sisters just because. The supporting noise marines decide the Prince can handle himself and instead shoot another guard squad to death. I manage to get Kharn to assault the callidus and the sgt is 5.75 inches away from her and eeks into base contact granting me an additional 4 models in 2” of him. Overkill much?? NEVER! My far left berserkers charged both the heavy bolter squad and the Leman Russ that didn’t move last turn. I kill all the sisters with just 4 zerkers, while the other one chops the Leman Russ knocking off the main weapon. Demon prince kills a storm trooper then they pass leadership. Kharn smacks the Callidus but rolls two 1’s, then randomizes them between the noise marine and his own squad, getting one each, and promptly kills the noise marine for failing him but rolls another 1 and does not harm a berserker, as they have done nothing wrong, and kills the Callidus. Consolidate sees me roll a 6 and spread out from the flame throwers that approach

BOTTOM: The guy unloads the chimera to shoot the berserkers, and moves the flamers to on top of them, and uses the act of faith that makes 6’s to wound AP1. The Deathcult assassins move up to charge the noise marines by the Demon Prince. He rolls 3 6’s between the flamers and bolters, and I make all the other armor saves, then lose another Berserker to lasguns, but Kharn stands defiant on the objective. Deathcult eat up most of the noise marines, who kill one in return, and the demon prince finally lays the smack down on those guardsmen.

Game ends as he didn’t contest the objectives and we get another 2 points giving us 5 for the win.

Lessons: We used our first turn to take an aggressive stance on the objectives, daring him to come close with all those Toughness 3 models. He stayed passive and stayed at home, choosing to soften us up with the big guns before moving in, but was unable to do so in time.

GAME TWO: Tactical Savant

Mission: 18” Deployment zones in otherwise Pitched Battle with Kill Points being the Deciding Factor.

Up against Nids allied with Chaos Marines we expected a tough fight for each point.

Our opponents were running:
Demon Prince w/ Lash

Winged Hive Tirant w/ anti psychic power upgrade

2x Barbed strangler / Venom Cannon Carnifexes

5 man Tzeentch Possessed Squad / Rhino

4 Tyranid Warrior Brood with Deathspitters

10 Man Berserkers / Rhino

10 Man Berserkers / Rhino

5 Man Berserkers on foot

10 genestealers with tendrils

28~~~ Gaunts with the 12” guns

28~~~ Gaunrs with the 12” guns

Heavy Fex with twin linked Barbed Strangler



HAHA that looks like 4 elites or 3 HQ’s, depending, but we won so whatever. Again, we should notice these things at the time. Shame on us.

Deployment: They won first turn, but we were on a terrain heavy table, and they choose to place the 3 Fexes and the 2 Oblits in a forrest 2/3 of the way down the table, and EVERYTHING ELSE between them and the corner. So naturally we placed everything in the far table corner. I did this cause I thought it was funny to make them move that many models every turn. Apparently it won us the game as will be shown.


TOP: They move everything around the terrain in their way and slowly begin the march down the field. The kill a noise marine rhino with an obliterators lascannon and immobilize one vindicator with an impressive 6 on the glance with a venom cannon. Maybe get 1 noise marine with the Stranglers, but most things are well hidden or out of range.

Bottom: I drive off into the sunset nowhere near the action and smoke the front rhino while hiding the others behind it. Jay relocates the mobile vindicator and moves the noise marine squads into a forest with line of sight down the table towards the incoming Nid Swarm. An EPIC 11 inch roll on the Demon Prince’s Lash pulls an obliterator out of the woods and into a vindicator template. 1 failed invulnerable later its 1-1 on Kill points


TOP: They continue slogging through terrain at an epically slow pace thanks to low rolls and terrible runs. Rhinos move up and think about unloading cargo but change their mind. Between the second obliterator and the fexes, the other noise marine rhino blows up and 3-4 die from both squads combined but thanks to fearlessness are not pinned.

BOTTOM: I keep on driving around the outside edge of the board and swap a new rhino to the front providing 3 vehicles cover with 1 smoke launcher a turn. My play is interesting. Jay uses his lash to thrown the Hive Tyrant into terrain using its wings, and it promply fails its dangerous terrain check. 1 wound down. The noise marines shoot up with enemies demon prince and hive tyrant leaving each with 2 wounds remaining. 1-2 Them on Kill points


TOP: Slow and steady doesn’t win races involving guns, yet they press on. The Hive Tyrant flys over to a vindicator while a rhino dumps out its berserkers and the demon prince lashes our demon prince over to pistol range, where the berserkers get 1 wound through the armor. The three carnifexes continue to bleed out noise marines, but the obliterator, with no rhinos to shoot that aren’t getting cover saves, rolls a 1 to hit at the immobilized vindicator. The Hive Tyrant punches the vindicator to death. 1-3 them on kill points.

BOTTOM: Jay seems displeased with my lack of participation, but as I move my rhino’s one last time, all is revealed. The normal berserkers position themselves roughly 16 inches from the gaunts, the Kharn zerkers move 6” to shoot plasma pistols out the roof, and the plague marines dump out next to the Carnifexes in the woods. While my goal all along was to just flank the fexes then brag that I killed some monstrous creatures, I “accidentally” caused the enemy army to spread itself thin due to differing speeds through terrain allowing us to systematically pick it apart in the coming turns. Jay starts by lashing over the berserkers to his AP3 flame template, and kills them all with shooting. I rapid fire my Plague marines into the first carnifex, doing 3 of 4 wounds with plasma (but not overheating) and the 4th with bolters. Kharn and friend fire through the roof and put 2 wounds on the next closest carnifex. WHAT LUCK! Kill points 3-3


TOP: It is now obvious that I had more starting models than Jay and certainly have more left, so they switch focus to my stuff, further stretching them out. The wounded carnifex comes out to play, while the other helps him shoot up my plague marines, managing to get all 8 under his template, wounding all 8, and of course killing my powerfist thanks to str 8 AP 4 giving me armor but no feel no pain. The hive tyrant charges the demon prince who smacks him for his insolence and kills him. Carnifex charges my plague marines who get in a 3rd wound and take non in return. Kill points 4-3 us.

BOTTOM: Hammer drop time, Jay Lashes the genestealers a WHOPPING 12 inches and vindicators away 7 of them. Noise marines shoot their Demon Prince to death. Something of Jay’s kills rhino. Kharn and buddies multi-assault the last carnifex and obliterator, killing both, and 1 berserker in the process to a Kharn 1. He must have forseen the 2nd gaunts charging that man, and killed him to prevent it. The other berserker squad charged the front group of gaunts and killed 18 on the charge, and the rest on fearless wounds from synapse. The carnifex in the plague marines did nothing and they thanked him by not wounding. Kill points 8-3 us.

David Light --- PM me for Games

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PostSubject: Re: Angry Marines Win the Day!!!   Sun Mar 22, 2009 4:41 am


TOP: The gaunts move up with warriors in support and the second 10 man berserker squad gets out to shoot at their twins. Possessed get out of their vehicle but cannot charge because it moved. Genestealers chase after our Demon Prince. They mess up their target priority and shot order, allowing their berserkers to kill the front 2 of my berserkers, removing about 15 gaunts from range. Somehow they still get to charge, but I don’t mind. Overall I lose 4 berserkers, yet once again all my plasma survive. I kill a bunch of gaunts. The genestealers charge the demon prince, who kills them all, but takes 2 more wounds in the process, leaving him with 1. Kill Points 9-3 us.

BOTTOM: Kharn has had enough of that carnifex in his plague marines, so he splits to handle that while the remaining zerkers go after the warrior brood. Jay sends the demon prince and the weakest noise marine squad to go handle the possessed, while the vindicator and other noise marines reduce the berserkers from 10 to 5. I kill the carnifex with Kharn in combat, and I kill some more gaunts, but foolishly messed up the order of my fights and they stuck being still fearless and not having killed enough thanks to lower numbers on my side. I put 5 wounds on the warriors with the other berserkers while taking none back, killing them off on fearless wounds, removing synapse from the table allowing me to sweep the gaunts, DRAT!! The demon prince and noise marines kill 2 possessed as he makes a lot of 4+ invulnerables. Kill points 11-3 us.

We roll for turn 6 after agreeing we won, but decide to play it anyway.


TOP: They cant really do much but move a dude or two closer to his doom. Combat sees another 2 possessed die, but the noise marines finished off. I finally sweep those gaunts and consolidate towards some rhinos I want to punch. 13-4 us.

Bottom: I multi-assault my big zerkers into his zerkers after plasma pistoling them down to 3 and the close rhino. I kill both while my other squad goes and punches the far rhino to death. Jay’s demon prince kills the last possessed. 16-4 us, they have 1 rhino left, and we agree turn 7 is unnecessary and don’t roll.

LESSONS: Apparently I’m a tactical savant because I had no idea I was forcing their army to run the long board length instead of the short while simultaneously causing them to split up based on speed. This allowed Jay to lash and kill 1 unsupported unit a turn. And when I showed up in force on turn 3, it split them further, removing 60~~ gaunts from his worries along with the 3 carnifexes. Not half bad for me thinking it would be funny to make him move that many models while also trying to assassinate a carnifex with plasma just to justify my buying a lot of plasma, HAHA! Sometimes dumb wins are what you need.


First let me start by saying that I have played one of our opponents in the past and I don’t like him personally, he gets on my nerves, but I promised myself I wouldn’t let this get to me and I would just play the game.

Their army was the HEAVIEST LIST THERE BY A LONG SHOT. They were running a combination of Chaos Daemons and Chaos Space Marines. One of 3 themed lists there.

It consisted of:


CSM: Demon Prince / nurgle / warptime

CSM: Summoned Greater Daemon

Dreadnaught w/ Twin Linked lascannon

5x Plague marines with melta gun and combi melta ---- Rhino w/ havoc launcher

6x Plague marines with melta gun and combi melta ---- Rhino w/ havoc launcher

5x Plague Bearers

5x Plague Bearers

Daemon Prince w/ wings and Breath of Chaos

Daemon Prince w/ wings and Boon of Mutation

Vindicator / possession

They ran 2 minimum 5 model troop choices each to squeeze in 5 monstrous creatures, 3 of which come from the Daemon Codex, and Fateweaver gives all units within 6” a reroll on EVERY TYPE OF SAVE, plus he knows every Daemon power that is not slaanesh or nurgle specific. And can cast 3 a turn, at different targets, and assault who he wants. And has a 3+ invulnerable, that he obviously re-rolls

MISSION: Each Team gets 2 deployment zones in opposite corners from each other, measuring 2 feet down the long edge, and 1 foot up the short edge. 5 Objectives are placed, 1 in the inside most corner of the deployment zones, and 1 in the center of the table, so all roughly 12.1 inches apart. If at the end of a turn (starting at the end of turn 2) any team controls 4 of the objectives, they win. If no one can do this, whoever has the most at the end of the game wins.
This mission obviously handicapped us severely, as Jay brought all the shooting models, and I brought the close combat. Not only that, but since a Daemon army does not deploy, but instead deepstrikes, their team was not overly subject to the penalty of being separate, and could gang up on one of us.
They won the roll off, and contrary to daemon strategy took first turn, so they could force us into the two bad corners and keep a lot of terrain in the middle between us so we couldn’t support each other quickly. After the one that deploys put down his stuff, I did my standard move of plop down 3 rhinos knowing I’m going to just mill around til turn 3 when something gets too close and I stomp it, only against daemons and mostly monstrous demons, it was more like waiting to get stomped.


Jay wants to steal the initiative cause he’s feeling lucky, but I say no, let the daemons deepstrike first, so we can shoot them. This choice was fortuitous. It’s not that bad to go second.

TOP: Daemon player gets the wanted half of his army and deepstrikes Fateweaker scattering to within 4” of Jay’s vehicle lines. Couldn’t have gone better for the daemons. The first daemon prince lands right behind him, fantastic. Some plague bearers land in the empty quarter and run onto the objective. Fateweaver immobilizes a vindicator with his mind beams. I make the cover save on my rhino from the dreadnaught’s lascannon thanks to a building hiding most of my hull. The Chaos Space marine player moves only 6 inches with everything, and smokes all his vehicles. He seems to be setting up to move everything at Jay next turn.

BOTTOM: Jay dumps every model out of all the vehicles and sets up for defense against the daemons. I drive the plague marines to the middle of the board objective, daring the CSM player to come after me. Kharn is taking about 500 points to the far side to go kill 80 points of plague bearers. Because he can. Jay shoots his ENTIRE 1000 POINT ARMY AT FATEWEAVER, and only does 2 wounds. STUPID REROLLS!! He promply lashes the daemon prince in support 10 inches backwards into a forest. I do what I want cause I’m a dinosaur.


TOP: Daemon player fails both the reserve roll for his 2nd prince, and his other 5 plague bearers. Chaos marines fail roll for greater daemon. Fateweaver tries to fly a 60mm base into a 50mm hole, and we argue about it, with Mr. I DON’T LIKE YOU, claiming that you can be within 1” of enemy models w/out a weapon skill. (WRONG) {earlier in the day I caught him saying that power fists strike AFTER initiatve 1, I’m assuming so he could kill the power first with an initiative 1 daemon, but couldn’t say anything as I was not playing against him} Fateweaver instead lands in another location that still allows him to flamer template an entire squad. OOO big loss not getting the first location. He also moved his rhino’s 6 inches towards Jay again, so he can shoot the melta’s out the top at the vindicators. He also turn’s his vindicator 90 degrees to my lines, facing DIRECTLY at Jay, assuming his dreadnaught in the corner at a whopping 125 points or something was plenty to handle my army. ….. seriously? I was playing crappy, the first turn had hurt Jay bad, I knew how much Fateweaver was about to kill, and I was basically waiting my turn to die and lose, but I don’t take well to the disrespect of someone turning their whole army, including their vindicator, away from me, exposing side armor, cause he thinks I cant do anything about it. This move demonstrates the difference in boldness and overconfidence / cockiness. It was not a bold move to ignore me, it was overconfidence, and it was insulting. Thankfully, I was actually offended enough by this to experience a moment of clarity.
They were playing so confidently, and focusing so directly on Jay to eliminate him as the “obvious stronger link” in the army, and my prior dislike of the player, as well as the 15 arguments we’d managed by the movement phase in the top of turn 2, I got mad enough to get smart. I determined several things, listed as follows:

1) You did not just disrespect me like that turning side armor on your vindicator to me

2) He moved his troops away from his home objective

3) I own the middle

4) I own my home

5) I am 12” mobile, and my backup squad is 12” from home

6) Fateweaver is the only model within contest range of Jay’s home base

At this point, I had Colby “cover for me” ie. watch my models while im gone / don’t let them shoot me when I don’t witness it. I went over to the judge and confirmed the scenario conditions, especially the part about 4 objectives and turn 2 ending, and win the game, and stuff.

When I returned it took almost all my power to restrain myself from saying something to ANYONE about what I had seen on the table. I also remember to not stare at it for the rest of the turn cause that draws attention, but as soon as they fired the first shot of turn 2, it was too late.

Fateweaver, between his 3 powers, killed about…. 260 points of Jay’s army. THIS MULTIPLIES THE INSULT TO ME OF REMOVING 800 POINTS FROM FIGHTING ME TO MAKE SURE THEY KILL JAY, when Fateweaver and 1 Daemon prince would do pretty well. The Dreadnaught shot at my smoked rhino and hit, but rolled a 1 to penetrate. 9+1 = not enough. This would be important. Fateweaver avoids the death I jokingly predicted from a vehicle exploding when he punched it, as it didn’t wound. Mr. Rules tries to shoot a havoc launcher onto the back corner of a rhino when he can only see the front half. We argue again. When demonstrating his OBVIOUSLY CLEAR LINE OF SIGHT, he has to remove a tree from the forest in the way because IT WAS IN THE WAY. We let him put it in a douchey place but not his original place as he’s trying use the rhino to target the noise marines next to it he DEFINITELY can’t see. First havoc hits and gets 3 marines under the template. Jay makes saves. He declares the second rhino shooting the same spot, rolls a hit, then claims it hits 5 models and rolls the wounds. We argue AGAIN. We get the judge, who clearly demonstrates the template can only hit 3, and that he can’t move it from where he declared, just because he got a hit, and would get more guys if he had shot somewhere else. I used the same, the template has a 1 + ½ inch radius argument they used in the previous turn about the 2 + ½ inch radius vindicator template and why it couldn’t possibly still be on Fateweaver’s 60mm base after scattering by an amount that totally could have still been on his base.

Anyway, we fought a lot. And by a lot and I over EVERYTHING.

Their turn ended with still having about 400 points in reserve but likely having more points on the board than us.


If I gave any of you the following deal, would you take it??
You have 600 points of preset army to play with. I want you to use it to put 1 wound on 1 model. If you do that, you win the game, because I’ll do the rest.

Also, would you believe me? Especially if in game 1 you did most of the work, and in game 2 you thought I abandoned you for several turns cause I thought it was funny? What about if you felt I had abandoned you in this game as you faced off against 1500 points with your 1000 and were rapidly losing models?

I’m not sure why Jay believed me, but as I explained 20 minutes of thought in 4 seconds, he went from pretty angry about the way the arguments were going, and the game, to so excited I swear he took a single step from my pullback at least 10 feet from the table to his table edge to grab his dice.

And I don’t know what gave me the Chrome Plated balls to not only tell him that I would handle the rest, but just straight up know that I would.
People that play me frequently should understand the “shell game” move I do with my rhinos to use 1 to block 2 and save smoke as I make a LONG drive. And Colby has previously seen the Dave Light special Triangulation pattern of victory to take 3+ units that appear to have nothing to do with each other and make a single move into 3 perfect positions to ruin your day.

David Light --- PM me for Games

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PostSubject: Re: Angry Marines Win the Day!!!   Sun Mar 22, 2009 4:42 am

Well I took the front rhino of plague marines with plasma and drove 12 inches (THROUGH TERRAIN, WHAT BALLS) to their home base, and dumped them out, careful to ensure the power fist and 1 normal guy were within 3” of the objective, and the plasma guns had line of sight to the vindicator.

I then took my home base protector and drove the the middle of the board objective, and dumped them out, careful to put the plasma pistols as far forward and right as possible, to squeeze into 12 inches from the vindicator, and remain in the side arc.

I then brought Kharn and his bodyguard back to home base and just sat in the rhino, but smoked it in case.

I let Jay shoot first in an effort to take the pressure off him and add more glory to my shots later, and between the remaining noise marines and the rhino’s bolters, Fateweaver still lived. Thankfully all those noise marines were in assault range as was the Daemon Prince, so there was still hope, but not the way he was rolling saves.

I started my volley into the vindicator with the 2 plasma guns, getting 4 shots, hoping to just blow it up and de-contest their base into my hands. But as I always do in these situations, I rolled 3 bloody 1’s. Luckily the 4th shot hit, and while I failed 1 overheat, it was worth the look on Mr. Rulebook’s face when he went to pull the front model out and try to get me out of 3” range only to find the plasma guns weren’t in the front. I PLANNED AHEAD.

My 1 shot that did hit rolls a 3 to penetrate, giving me a 10 against armor 11, and forcing me to the back-up back-up plan.

The two Khorne Berserkers in the center with plasma pistols, the ones who had not died all day, had not missed all day, and had killed every model they shot at with the pistols, were my final last gasp at victory.

2 Dice to roll, and ANOTHER 1, ARGH! But I make my armor save, and the other shot hits!! 1 plasma hit against armor 11 is by no means a good way to ensure it dies, but he made fun of my Kharn riding around in the back rhino, so I just grab 2 dice, knowing I’ll penetrate. I roll the first: 5 --- PENETRATE! Second die: 5 --- VEHICLE WRECKED!!! YES!!

I talked a big game about, put 1 wound on 1 model and I’ll win the game for us, and holy (poop) I held up my end.

We had gotten roudy enough to draw a magic player over, all the non-gaming people to observe, and both teams from the table next to us. Every single one of them looked across at Jay.

Back to you….

Close Combat: Oddly enough Fateweaver is Initiative 4, so everyone of our models goes first. Daemon Prince goes at I6, with 5 attacks, and gets 3 wounds, the smaller noise marine squad gets another 2. He makes all 5, giving him about 14 successful saves against this last wound. And he picks up his dice to attack back, but WAIT! There are two noise marine squads!! Last 15 attacks. 7 ish hit, then needing 5’s to wound, Jay rolls three 6’s. Not enough to ensure it happens, but enough to give everyone cause to watch closely as this is huge. First save, fails it! YAY! Re-roll, makes it! NOOO! Second save, also fails it, YES!

The re-roll lands on the table and skips up against the impassible rock directly between me and Jay, so that EVERYONE WATCHING AND THE OTHER 3 PLAYERS CAN SEE IT BUT I CANT AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

And he just holds up his hand to Jay and says, “Good game, sir” and looks at me, “Bold Gambit there to win it, but I think it was your only hope”. Thankfully he rolled a 1 on that last re-roll.

I’ll be talking about this one for weeks, so get used to hearing it.

W H Murray says that when someone commits themselves, Providence follows. We committed to a bold and dangerous play, the failing of which certifies that we lose, and received the full benefit of everything that comes with it. Play bold. And don’t disrespect my ability to play 40k when I already don’t like you.
But I like all of you.

David Light --- PM me for Games
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PostSubject: Re: Angry Marines Win the Day!!!   Sun Mar 22, 2009 5:37 pm

this is a lot of stuff. see we need t-shirts. it would have been insult to injury if you guys had matching club shirts!

Denver Reese:
Sugar Land Games Workshop 1250 Tournament: 2nd place
40k League Record: 1-3-0 (5th place)
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For Dorn!


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PostSubject: Re: Angry Marines Win the Day!!!   Mon Mar 23, 2009 7:27 pm

Very nice write up and gratz on the big wins.
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PostSubject: dangerous game play   Sat Jul 11, 2009 10:23 am

That was so cool!!!
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PostSubject: Re: Angry Marines Win the Day!!!   

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Angry Marines Win the Day!!!
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