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 Speeder action in first league game.

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For Dorn!

For Dorn!

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PostSubject: Speeder action in first league game.   Mon Feb 23, 2009 6:45 pm

This is a little bit of the speeder action that took place in my first league game vs. Chris, as I saw it in my head. Smile

….This is Command, come in Rogue One….

….This is Rogue One, send it Command….

….Predator Tanks have been spotted in the enemy formation, proceed at full speed and engage….

….Roger that, proceeding flat out towards primary targets, over and out….

Rogue Two, you heard command. Make haste for those Predators and engage.
This is Rogue Two, you got it; those Predators will never know what hit them.

As Rogue one throttles the land speeder into max speed, he sees the enemy opening up on them with Lascannon fire as they close in. Instinct kicks in as he starts to jinx his craft from side to side, only losing control for a second as his craft is rocked by a near miss.

….Rogue Two, this is Rogue One, targets in range, fire at will, copy over….


….Rogue Two, this is Rogue One, copy last over?....

(Gunner) Sir, Rogue Two got vaporized, *&$%! Enemy Typhoon speeder has a lock on us!
(Pilot) Hold on, initiating evasive maneuvers!
(Gunner) Sir, our Razorback has the Predators occupied.
(Pilot) Roger that, engage the enemy speeder.

….This is Command, come in Rogue One….

….This is Rogue One, send it Command….

….Enemy bike squadron is over taking our objective in sector 2, proceed to sector 2 and assist with repealing the enemy….

….Copy that, disengaging with enemy speeder and proceeding to sector 2…. Command, can we get some help with this enemy speeder, over?...

….Roger that, we have directed the thunder fire to engage the enemy speeder and give you cover fire, proceed to sector 2, over and out….

As Rogue One throttles to full speed he sees the muzzle flash from the Thunderfire cannon in the corner of his eye.

(Gunner) Booya! That thunder fire is on target today, enemy speeder destroyed!
(Pilot) Enemy bike squadron in sight, engaging, fire at will….
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PostSubject: Re: Speeder action in first league game.   Tue Feb 24, 2009 6:09 pm

yea boy,

You like writing stories, don't you. You do a real good job narrating.
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Speeder action in first league game.
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