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 Heading back to Texas. Selling EVERYTHING.

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Heading back to Texas. Selling EVERYTHING. Empty
PostSubject: Heading back to Texas. Selling EVERYTHING.   Heading back to Texas. Selling EVERYTHING. EmptyThu Jul 21, 2011 3:39 pm

Hey guys, how's it going? Got quite a bit of stuff for your wargaming needs. I have recently decided to quit wargaming for a bit, school and education is the most important thing right now (don't worry I'll be back eventually) and have also decided to sell all of my lot. Yes. Every last bit. It's been a while since I've actually taken a look at what I have now but right off the bat I can tell you that I have IG, Nids, and CSM as major items, meaning more than most, but that's not all. Right off the bat I have (will update the list when possible with more details):

1. 1xBaneblade (built and painted)
2. 1xStormlord/Shadowlord (built and slightly painted, never finished)
3. 2xValkyrie (2 built, one painted and award winning "Owlcon 2010 second place")
4. 41xCSM (9 true noise marines, few painted, ask for picture for this one)
5. 1x Commissar Yarrick (built and painted)
6. a megaton of IG soldiers (built. Some painted, some specifically customized to look like rouge IG)
7. 3x hive guard (built, one painted gorgeously)
8. 1 Leman Russ basic (built and painted)
9. Leman Russ Executioner (built and painted)
10. Chaos Rhino (Slaanesh, built, outside and inside painted)
11. Basilisk (built, paint primed but not painted)
12. Hellhound (built and painted)

If you would like to see these first hand I do have a skype account, dumba360, just please PM me and I'll show you first hand but like I have stated before this is not all of my items.

Just a few things as well:
1. Living in Jersey currently yet moving back to Texas for school. SFA to be exact and I won't be in the Houston area for a while. You know. Settling down and all that good stuff.
2. Cash only. No trades. Seriously. Cash. College be expensive.
3. Because of the distance between Houston and Nacogdoches, I won't be able to get it directly to you BUT I will accept orders for the stuff, like writing down the stuff and the price, so when I do come visit it won't be "Oh sorry someone else bought it." the only time I would even possibly change my mind is if the difference in the sales is major. Which brings me to number 4
4. If you offer me a price then I'll save it and write it down but if someone offers a bigger difference for it then I gotta go with them. Sales are quiet though so I'm not going to tell how much person A offered me. Don't worry though if there is a change then I'll alert ASAP.

Thanks guys, it's gonna be great to see you guys when I can
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Heading back to Texas. Selling EVERYTHING.
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